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Camp + VSAT
WH 8 x 12
WH 12'x16' 2 pax a
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Weatherhaven (WH) Series A4 shelters mounted on timber frames with plywood floors are recommended.


WH 8’x12’ single sleeping unit, recommended for Cooks, Kitchen Assistants, Pilots and Management


WH 12’x16’ double sleeping unit with a space divider making it into two units of 12’x8’ with own entrance


WH 12’x16’ combined sleeping and office unit is recommended for Geophysics’ office, Site Manager office and Drill Foreman office.  Office section is typical 12’x12’ and sleeping section is typical 12’x4’


Each accommodation unit will be equipped with: Bunk, mattress, duvet, pillow, linen, table, chair, heater, electrical cables with 4 outlets, lights and towels.


If camp continues to operate later than mid-September it is recommended to insulate the tent floors and to put double insulation on the tents.


A quote for this can be requested.

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