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4 Pax Survival Shack
4 Pax Survival Shack
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Being prepared for the things that should not happen is essential when operating in remote areas.

XS' safety and emergency set-up is developed to fully treat smaller injuries and most commen diseases as well as stabilicing seriously injured persons until they can be evacuated to the nearest Hospital.

All XS Site Managers are trained and certified Medical Caretaker/Paramedic in compliance with STCW-95.

Standard camp set-up comprises:

  • Medicine chest type B

  • Defibrilator

  • Oxygen

  • Eye-wash stations

  • Stretcher

  • Spine board

  • Fre alarm

  • Warning signs

  • High-powered rifle suitable for defence against Polar Bear etc.

Optional ad-ons:

  • Emergency Shelter (2 persons)

  • Emergency Shelter (4 persons)

  • Spill kits for 200 ltr. drums

  • Rifles for field teams.

  • VHF-Radios for field teams

  • GPS for field teams

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