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Mr. Martin Sandy Shalmi
Founder / Partner
M.Sc. Economy and Politics,
University of Copenhagen (1991)

Martin has +25 years of experience in administration and accounting including 7 years as CEO of Xploration Services Greenland A/S, 5 years as CFO of NunaMinerals A/S and board membership of Nalunaq Gold Mine. Key qualifications are: Strategic business development, Administration, Investor relations, IPO, JV negotiations, Budgeting, Accounting and Logistics.

Mr. Claus Østergaard
Consultant / 
M.Sc. Geology,
University of Copenhagen (1997)

Claus has +15 years of experience in the mineral industry. Career involves positions in several junior exploration companies active in Greenland and in Denmark as well as project employment by the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland. Most recently employed as Senior Geologist in NunaMinerals A/S overseeing and developing a number of grass-root and advanced gold prospects as well as being highly involved in marketing and liaison to national survey and mineral authorities. Areas of expertise include grass-root prospecting, exploration logistics in arctic settings, gold mineralisation, diamond drilling and 3D exploration modeling.


Currently in charge of Exploration planning and Site management on Exploration projects serviced by XS.

Mrs. Nungo Pedersen
Logistical Officer / Partner
Marketing & Service,
Vejle Business School (1999)

Nungo has +20 years of experience with logistics in Greenland from positions at hotels, travel agencies and merchants. Key qualifications are: Service delivery and making things possible.


Currently in charge of Staffing, Incoming and Ground Logistics, Customs clearing, Support office and Customer relations.

Mr. Anders Lie
Consultant / Partner
M.Sc. Geology,
University of Århus (1994)

Anders has +20 years of hands-on mineral exploration experience from arctic Greenland developing and managing combined logistical and exploration project from small scale regional geological reconnaissance and geochemical sampling programs to designing, executing and supervision of large camp-complexes supporting diamond drill operations, geophysical surveys or small scale test mining. Practical experience with a diversity of commodities.


Currently in charge of Exploration planning and Site management on Exploration projects serviced by XS.