Xploration Services Greenland A/S

We make things possible in Greenland!


Mr. Martin Sandy Shalmi
CEO, Partner
M.Sc. Economy and Politics,
University of Copenhagen (1991)

Martin has +25 years of experience in administration and accounting including 7 years as CEO of Xploration Services Greenland A/S, 5 years as CFO of NunaMinerals A/S and board membership of Nalunaq Gold Mine. Key qualifications are: Strategic business development, Administration, Investor relations, IPO, JV negotiations, Budgeting, Accounting and Logistics.

Mr. Taatsi Olsen
B.Sc. Economics & Business Administration,
University of Greenland (2019)

Taatsi has 7+ years of experience in mineral exploration projects in Greenland and has been part of the XS field team since 2013.

Taatsi has gained experience and knowledge of business communities from all over Greenland through his involvement in consulting projects for businesses.

Currently in charge of Controlling and for Quality Assurance with respect to Administrative Procedures within the Company.

Taatsi speaks and writes both Greenlandic, English and Danish fluently.