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Weatherhaven (WH) Series A4 shelters mounted on timber frames with plywood floors are recommended.


WH 12’x16’ can be used as combined office and sleeping unit for 1 person or as office for 4 persons.

WH 12'x16' also has a good size for use as storage, small workshop, laundry and core logging.

A 2x4m steel container can be an alternative to WH 12'x16' for the activities mentioned above.

WH is recommended for Geophysics’ office, Site Manager office and Driller foreman office. Office section is typical 12’x12’ and Sleeping section is typical 12’x4’.

For smaller operations and flight camps a steel container 2x4m is an alternative to the WH 12’x16’

For larger operations bigger dimensions of WH’ is recommended e.g. WH 16’x24

WH 16'x24' is recommended for office use for 5-10 persons.


Offices will be furnished according to customers’ request.


Standard setup WH 16’x24’:

  • Plywood tables and folding chairs for 10 people

  • 2 Whiteboards

  • Lights

  • Shelves

  • Electrical Cables

  • Power bars, Plug ins, Adapters

  • Laser Printer/Scanner incl. toner and paper

  • Dymo label writer incl. tape

  • Aluminium Dymo label writer incl. tape

  • Laminator incl. sheets

  • Pencils, pens, colour pencils, highlighters, Fine ball points, Wide ball points, Whiteboard pens

  • Graph paper A4 + A3, Paper lines + squares

  • Pencil sharpener, Eraser, Rulers, Post-it, Scissors, Tape, Pins, Rubber bands, , Clips, Hole puncher, Binders, File protectors, Glue, Calculator, DVD-R’s CDR-R’s, Magnets, Clip boards A4, Staple gun.