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Tailored for Your Needs


Health & Safety

Health & Safety are no doubt the main goals during an operation, therefore Xploration Services are consistently training its staff on relevant courses, including Helicopter slinging operations.


Taking good care of environment is one of Xploration Services' core value, therefore the company has a proper way to dispose waste and has a well-tested fuel spill prevention that lives up to the local regulations.


Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Response Plan is one of the key factors, to prevent accidents and pollution, as well as for being able to respond right and quickly in an emergency situation. Xploration Services has throughout the years prepared the mandatory ERP for exploration projects.

Bear protection

Polar bears are curious animals and are usually afraid of humans, but these predator animals should not be underestimated,

therefore Xploration Services has Bear guards and Bear electric fences in their remote projects.

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