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“North American Nickel Inc. (NAN) and Xploration Services Greenland A/S (XS) first began working with each other, starting in 2011 when NAN conducted a brief property review of their Maniitsoq Project. Since that time XS has been the soul provider of a turn-key camp operation, which has grown from a few tents in 2012 to 47 tents in 2017, capable of sleeping up to 60 people.


XS is also the primary expeditor and provides excellent logistical (mob/demob, barges/boats, fuel, equipment, accommodations, food etc.), administration (pre-season, seasonal, post-season, tax issues etc.), HSE/ERP, staffing and site management to NAN.  Just about anything NAN requests or requires, XS has been able to provide, including advise. XS mobs and demobs the camp each year, arranges for barrages and boats for equipment and personnel, and also provides staffing and recruiting services for NAN. In 2017 XS visited a number of communities on behalf of NAN to update the community on NAN’s work for the coming season and to encourage locals to apply for employment opportunities. NAN is extremely happy with the local staffing that has been provided, in many cases the same personnel return each season, which greatly enhances and assists NAN with their exploration program. It is always much easier to deal with people you know, and know their names than starting from scratch each year.


NAN hopes to continue the great relationship that they have developed with XS, the service provided has been excellent and well above the norm, and always with a very professional, cooperative and friendly attitude.


I would strongly recommend companies doing exploration in Greenland to use XS.”

Mr. James “Jim” Sparling, Project Manager at North American Nickel Inc.

B.A., B.Sc. MBA, P.Geo


Xploration Services has provided a wide range of services to both domestic and foreign companies.

Xploration Services is very proud to be able to present a track-record covering several international customers over a short period of time. This proves the necessity for Xploration Services as well as the standard of the Company. 

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