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We make things possible!

Xploration Services Greenland A/S  - We make things possible in Greenland!


Xploration Services Greenland A/S is situated in the capital Nuuk, with a strong network of local contractors reaching all towns and settlements in Greenland and a proven track record. Xploration Services is your natural choice as a local partner.

Xploration Services Greenland A/S is vigorously aiming at providing the best possible service for our customers.

Operating in the arctic is a challenge, where even the smallest error can result in critical losses of time, resources, materials and opportunities.


At Xploration Services Greenland A/S the management team, as well as the crew in the field, are dedicated to make sure the customers are provided with the highest standards and quality in services, in order for the customer to be able to focus on what they do.


Current Licences in Greenland by


Greenland Mineral Occurrence by MLSA and GEUS

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