Xploration Services Greenland A/S

We make things possible in Greenland!



Xploration Services Greenland A/S is the natural choice when operating within the exploration and mining sector in Greenland.

Xploration Services Greenland A/S has a proven track-record to back this up.

Xploration Services Greenland A/S provides a wide range of services within administration, camp solutions, camp management, logistics, geological services, exploration planning and mining project development advisory.



Xploration Services was founded in 2010, and has since then been involved in a wide range of exploration projects and other projects.

Xploration Services' success has been achieved by the management teams constant focus on combining international skills and experiences with in-depth local knowledge.


Xploration Services has provided a wide range of services to both domestic and foreign companies.

Xploration Services is very proud to be able to present a track-record covering several international customers over a short period of time. This proves the necessity for Xploration Services as well as the standard of the Company. 


Xploration Services Greenland A/S 

is a Greenlandic Service Provider for the Exploration and Mining Industry.

Xploration Services Greenland A/S

provides cost-efficient and high quality solutions by combining international skills with in-depth local knowledge.


Xploration Services Greenland A/S

has a highly experienced management team based upon more than 20 years of experience with mineral exploration, logistics and administration in Greenland.

Situated in the capital Nuuk, with a strong network of local contractors reaching all towns and settlements in Greenland and a proven track record, Xploration Services Greenland A/S is your natural choice as a local partner.

We make things possible in Greenland!